Tay-K – Half-Off (Lyrics)

“Tay-K – Half-Off (Lyrics)”

I-I-I was terrorizing, you was kickin’ rocks, nigga (Kick rocks)
I was finding juggs, Nemo, you was lost, nigga (Get lost)
Get-Get the work, get it tossed on the clock, nigga (On the)
On-On the clock, need the Rollie wrist watch, nigga (Gang, gang!)

I might do a lil’ somethin’, half-off, nigga (Beep!)
Half-off, what you want? (Gang) It could drop, nigga (Rug-Rat!)
But I’m still inside traffic with the Glocks nigga (Gang, gang)
Why-Why you niggas inside traffic, get on the block, nigga (Lil’ bitch)

Choppa turn you inside, backwards, you’s a opp, nigga (Grrah!)
If you’s a fucking opp (Bitch!), better get lost, nigga (Gang, skrrt, skrrt)
‘Fore I call a hitter, he gon’ do the job nigga (Yurr hurr)
She-She say, “Tay-K, you remember it was awesome, man”

Stupid bitch, I was rollin’ like a log (Skrrt)
Rolling like a log, bitch want jerk me off, what the fuck? (Gang)
Bitch better give me top, lips are cod, call me Tay-K fraud (Skrrt, skrrt, skrrt)
But you know I’m not, if that’s my charge, I think it would drop (Rug-Rat!)
We not sipping Wock, it’s rewop, that shit not a cop

It-It is bop with guitar, ‘cause I rock nigga
You undercover like the jeans that I rock, nigga
Yes, I rock, hand me Glock, I’m gon’ pop, nigga
Ain’t-Ain’t no cappin’, get to clappin’, like applause, nigga
Timmy Da motherfucking Hitman

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